Computer monitors

Computer monitors 

Repeat Signage digital signage software

Computer monitors, media players and digital signage

LCD computer monitors LED computer monitors
Computer LCD / LED monitors are very thin flat screen computer monitors. Large LED monitors are impressive for exhibition stands, reception areas and video walls in public areas. 

Repeat Signage digital signage software Digital signage
Digital signage is about creating still and moving images, text and other media digitally.  You create your presentations on a computer (or on the display screen where a slot-in computer is onboard, and play them on computer monitors, large display screens, video walls, or where the signage software allows, on interactive touch screen monitos.  Repeat Signage digital signage software allows you to easily create presentations for promoting your own products on display screens. Supports touch screens, remote updating system.
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Multiple computer monitors

Multiple computer monitor
Multi-screen LCD monitors allow you to expand your view. You can position two or three LCD monitors horizontally or vertically; three monitors in a pyramid, ideal for financial markets. Makes good use of desk space too. You would need a multi-screen graphics card so that your PC can work across multiple LED monitors. Four, six, nine, twelve or more large format LED display screens are used to create a video wall, ideal airports, shopping malls and large public areas.  These commercial screens are normally for 16/7 or 24/7 usage.

Aopen media players Digital signage media players
Small form computers with preloaded Windows or Android software are ideal for creating your own signage presentations using digital signage software.  The media player can usually be hidden behind the display screen along with the bracketry.  Commercial display screens, especially those designed for 24/7 usage, often include an OPS Slot, into which fits a Slot-in PC. This is useful in public areas to deter theft of the computer.  Digital signage media players comparisons
Touch screen computer monitors

Touch screen computer monitors
LCD / LED touch screen monitors allow you to select options by touching the screen. Touch replaces the need for a mouse. Useful in public areas for transport and shopping information.  

TV computer monitors

Video and television LCD / LED monitors
Video and TV LED monitors can be connected to DVD players and satellite systems and display a TV image. 

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